It’s all about your ATTITUDE


This is one of my favourite quotes. People are the most complex beings. BECAUSE, every person perceives and reacts differently to the same situation. The differences can be attributed to genes, upbringing and most importantly to your ATTITUDE!!

Scenario 1

A major Shoe manufacturing MNC sent their marketing executive to a far of place to set up their facility.On reaching the executive calls his CEO:

Executive (flabbergasted): “Mr CEO, NO ONE WEARS SHOES over here!!!!! Setting up here makes NO SENSE, I’m coming back”

Scenario 2

On the other hand when their competitors sent a marketing executive, he calls his CEO and tells:

“Sir, I have great news for you. No one wears shoes over here!!! We have a large market. We can enter and tap this market and gain loyalty”.

Same situation. Different attitudes. Where one sees lack, the other sees opportunity. Similarly, it also depends on the amount of importance we attach to a situation. But your attitude makes all the difference!! 🙂 🙂

“Your attitude can make or break you”

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  1. lamarrwenrich · June 14, 2015

    Amen to that

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