How to get rid of Insomnia

“Have you had those nights, where you were very tired,

physically worn out, but still sleep evaded you???

Then this post is for you.”

Hello everyone, especially the night owls!!

I had insomnia for a long time, and during the challenging times, I hardly slept. Not because I wasn’t sleepy, but because I was either restless/stressed/anxious/excited and sleep was a foreign concept. Besides, I used to envy people who could sleep peacefully. Sleeping pills were not effective either, I used to sleep for 2-3 hours and then wake up with heavy fatigue and used to dreamwalk through the next day. So how did I beat it? These simple but effective methods helped me:-

  1. Sleep cycle: Just like a baby, I had a sleep cycle. I had a fixed time to sleep and wake up. I avoided sleeping during the day time. And if I did not get sleep within one hour of going to bed, I woke up and read a book or listened to the calming music which helps in relaxing and putting us to sleep.
  2. Muscle Relaxation technique: It’s a 10 minute exercise which helps in relaxing all your muscles and helps you sleep peacefully. It needs constant practice to work. And ideally by the end of this exercise you should feel drowsy. (You can check YouTube for tutorials.)
  3. Positive Visualisation: 30 minutes prior to sleeping, you should be in complete control of your thoughts. Don’t let a single negative thought or worry touch your mind. And remember the last thoughts before you go to sleep, sink deep into your Subconscious mind. So think happy-positive thoughts. Any worry makes your mind-body restless, resulting in lonnnnnng nights. So visualise whatever makes you happy, this will avoid disturbed sleep.
  4. Shut of the Television, laptop and mobile: For anyone suffering from Insomnia, the last 30-45 minutes before going to bed is crucial. We need to be relaxed physically and mentally. So avoid watching movies, surfing net, chatting etc. as it keeps your brain activated.
  5. Take a relaxing bath: Did you know, that a relaxing bath flushes out all the negativity off you. So make a conscious effort to imagine all the negativity/stress washing away with water. Try lavender salts or essential oil. It does make an itsy-bitsy difference.
  6. Meditate: I follow the Chakra cleansing and healing tutorials from YouTube and I am so-so GLAD that I found it. Meditation helps in controlling the mind, thoughts and the subconscious too. We must learn to intentionally feed positive thoughts to our subconscious. It is very helpful in achieving a calm-peaceful state of mind. Do it for at least 5 minutes daily. In 2 weeks you will see the difference. Trust me, try it…..
  7. Triple Column technique: We all have fears, worries which attack us as soon as we go to bed. To counter this, use Dr. David Burn’s triple column technique to defeat the distortions in your thoughts. The technique helps us in countering our automatic thoughts with rational reasoning. Try doing this during the day or just take 2 minutes, to get off the bed and do it, before going back to sleep. We can’t sleep with our brain overworking…
  8. Soothing environment: This is the usual which we all know. Have a clutter free-clean-good smelling room. Pull down the curtains-noise level, read something that soothes you, switch off the lights or keep them low, be comfortable in your bed and finally, believe that you will have a good night’s sleep.


In spite of all this, there are a very few nights I lie awake thinking, worrying, tossing, turning and fuming. That is usually when I allow my thoughts and emotions go unchecked OR my subconscious is filled with worries, as there are times when I am calm but unable to sleep as I have been feeding my fears and worries, deep inside me. But on these restless nights, I slay insomnia with my determination to sleep. I use deep breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualization, alternatively, till I go to sleep.

Restful sleep is important as it keeps our mind, body and soul- CALM. And a calm mind is important to take wise decisions and a rested body is a healthy abode for a peaceful soul.

So I wish everyone a Good night’s sleep. May you sleep peacefully and wake up fresh, energized, looking forward to make the most of your day. Good night. Sleep right. Wake-up bright 🙂 🙂

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