It’s never too late to live Happily Ever After

“I thought you were my Happily Ever After

But you were my Once upon a time”

We all want to start our life with Once upon a time and end with  “Happily Ever After”. But does “Happily ever after” exist? Let me share a few scenarios:

  • For a young girl, getting into a particular college is her ultimate dream. She spends all her time studying, misses out on a teen’s life, then counters her parents’ disapproval as they have a different life/college planned for her and when she applies for scholarship, she encounters politics and the power of wealth. But, her perseverance  gets her into her Dream college. Yay!! Mission Accomplished :):)
  • For two lovers, getting married is their happily ever after. They dream of building a perfect life together. Their journey may consist of parent’s disapproval, hostile situation, long distance scuffles, cultural differences or societal prejudices. And when they do get married, they hope for the magic to begin and stay FOREVER.

If the above scenarios were a movie or a storybook. The ending would have read “And she/they lived happily ever after”. BUT, what about the challenges or lows they face in the next phase of their lives. The peer pressure, heartbreak, career confusion, searching for her identity for the young girl. The fights, powerplay, difference in ideas/dreams, not being able to accept the growth/changes in your partner – for the lovers. Suddenly the happily ever after seems like an illusion, a fairytale meant for children…. This is where I want to bring your attention. Happily ever after is a choice, not a result of our state of affairs. We must choose to live “with happiness” not “for happiness”. Life will always have dreams, achievements, challenges and failures. REMEMBER: every time we achieve our goal/dream, it is our happily ever after. Then we reset our goals/dreams and we will face challenges or failures and mark a new journey.So can we sustain happiness in our lives? WE CAN!! If it’s an inner state of being rather than being connected to external factors. Easier said than done. Even though we all know this, being happy seems like a fleeting moment. But it is possible, if we look for the silver lining during the trials and turbulence. I’m still not there, but I do believe in Happily ever after. On second thoughts, I have had my happily ever after. But, it’s just that I either start a new journey or reset my goals and the whole cycle begins.

“Maybe a happily ever after does not require finding love Or being successful or acquiring wealth It just requires you to love yourself and Give love to everything-everyone you meet in your life :)”


  1. lamarrwenrich · May 10, 2015

    Love your words
    So much truth..


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