What Life Taught me…. Bitter and Better

“While life is the greatest teacher 

Your Mistakes help you grow 

Challenges can break you

But a little courage can make you”

Life has been a roller coaster. I have enjoyed the highs and gripped tight through the lows. The highs: show us the beauty of life and the lows: make us connoisseurs of life. Some lessons that I carry for this lifetime are:

  1. If there is a problem. there will be a solution. Problems are like a maze, there is a way out, just that it needs exploring.
  2. When you feel isolated and stuck, the Universe/Lord  will send people and move circumstances to help you.
  3. Age is no bar for lying.
  4. Avoid giving unsolicited advice, however good your intentions are.
  5. If you don’t stand up for yourself, then no one will.
  6. Difficult people and situations are great teachers.
  7. Some people just look for a reason to dislike and defame you.
  8. We all make mistakes, but we need to make a sincere effort to learn and move ahead.
  9. Forgive and Forget easily.
  10. Live. Love. Laugh a lot:)
  11. Criticizing and finding faults is easy. Try appreciation, its more rewarding.
  12. It’s the bad times, that show you the strength and character of your relationships.
  13. Introspection and distance from the scene of crime/chaos gives you time to recharge and have an insight.
  14. We cannot control people’s emotions or tongue but we can control our reactions to them!!!
  15. Blame game is futile.
  16. Be more humane, you never know, when bad times crash your party.

“Thank you Mr&Mrs Bitter for making me Ms. Better 😉 “

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