Love. Live. Laugh. Life

“If you really want to live then Laugh and Love a lot. 

Life becomes easier”

Life is difficult for everyone. Just that the intensity differs and depends on how well you are equipped to handle it. If you always live for happiness, it seems out of your grasp. But try living with happiness, it becomes a part of you. We all know this, but when we face crisis, all the philosophy, self-help goes down the drain. Why?

Simple, Lack of emotional intelligence. We are so overwhelmed by our emotions, feelings that we fail to think straight. And if we can still think straight, we are so caught on to the unjust or we become so aggressive, that things become more difficult. I have been reading Dr. David Burns: Feeling Good and I absolutely love the book. And this book helps you manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

And once we learn to control the emotions gone wild, life does become easier. Anyway, enough philosophy.

We all want to sustain happiness in our lives, for that, lets see what can work:

  • Love everything you can. The list starts with you, Love yourself, the other people, activities you enjoy doing, the trees, the awesome weather, your new clothes/phone/etc, anything. But just try loving, Anything, Anyone.
  • Laugh a lot. Come on, how hard can it be? Ok….lets try smiling, watch a few funny videos, movies….. still nothing. Lets try the Laughter club…… is it ridiculous? Hmmmm…. Try the comedy shows on TV, you might just smile. What I’m trying to tell is, sometimes life punches us hard that we dont’ find anything funny. People may try making you happy for sometime. But, it is basically YOU, who has to find your laughter again. And laughing releases a lot of  negative energy and calories too!!! (Try Google, if you find it hard to believe.)
  • Thank you so much: Gratitude. There must be something you must have that you are grateful for. Think harder, if you can’t find anything to be grateful for.

Life will always throw challenges and a few rotten tomatoes. But we cannot let it turn into despair and hopelessness. Try laughing and loving A LOT…, it’s the silver lining in the dark cloud.

“If there is nothing to love or laugh about.

Love yourself and laugh at yourself”

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