Maybe its YOU and not them……

Remember the story, where a man goes to a doctor and complains that every body part he touches, is hurting. His neck, his arm, his stomach, every part hurts. On examination, the doctor discovers that its’ not his body but his finger that is broken and is the cause of all the pain and trouble.

Similarly when we encounter problems in every area of our life or we have troubled relations with all the key people in our life or we face one problem after another; Then maybe it’s not the people, circumstances or everything against you. Its YOU against YOU. That’s the time you need to introspect and see maybe you are the broken finger, maybe you are creating problems for you, maybe you lost the plot or control of your life at some point of time or maybe, you just forgot to be you, in order to be the person everyone wants you to be.

This happens so subtly and slowly that we don’t realize that we are stirring up our own lives. It’s only when something drastic happens or life shakes us inside out, that we take time to introspect or refocus.

Can we prevent this? Yes, by being more aware of our lives. We cannot control the people or the circumstances BUT we can control the way we react to them. Its difficult, but we learn overtime. Sometimes merely because it becomes your means to survive.

When it is you against the whole world, try changing the way you react or what you expect of others, as changing the whole wide world is difficult. OR Just change you…..

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