The Absolute Law of Karma

“I hope Karma slaps you in the face, before I do!!”

BUT.. Do we realise that it was because of OUR KARMA,

that we were on the receiving end. 

The other person was just the means!!

I am sure, when someone was rude to you, made you look bad in front of your peers, hurt you or did something unacceptable. You either retorted or thought the above. I did several times…

But, we must realize that it was our Karma, that we got hurt or were on the receiving end of something bad, in the first place. The other person was just the means. If not for him/her, it would still come to you via someone else. And remember all the times you intentionally or unintentionally were condescending, rude, malicious or hurtful; it was a boomerang thrown which came back to you.

We believe in the law of gravity, the demand-supply law or Newton’s law. They are the absolute truth. Similarly Karma is absolute and very logical. Once you understand and believe in Karma, you get a new perspective to the world.

Last year, I was given this CD Karma Siddhanta (Laws of Karma). After listening to it, i got a better and wider view of how Karma works. We all know that Karma boomerangs, we get what we give (good or bad). But, we have a very narrow perspective. So here I share a few basic laws of karma:

  • We all have a choice to manage our Karmas. Destiny is very different from Karma.
  • Karma is inclusive of our thoughts, words and deeds. If we are having constant revenge thoughts or something bad happening to someone, (though you think they deserve it) then your Debit side of the Karma is increasing.
  •  Good thoughts-words-actions are credited and bad thoughts-words-actions are debited in your Karma account.
  • When we are facing the consequence of our bad karma i.e. going through a bad phase, it is the biggest challenge. If we are patient, put on our poker face and get through the tough spot then. it’s a war won without violence or fighting. And if we start the blame game, lose control, hurt other people in  the process or use deceit, fraudulent methods then we have increased our debit karma account.
  • We often hear the kids telling their parents “I hate you, I hate being born into this family, you guys have ruined my like…etc”. Please remember that it is your Karma that you were born into that family of wealth or poverty, functional or dysfunctional, supportive or critical. It. was. your. Karma.
  • On the other hand, parents often tell the kids “I wish you were not born or why did I get you as a child?” Dear parents, please remember that it is your Karma.

Basically, we have to encumber our own Karmas. We are responsible for our life. And the good news is that, you can change your destiny via the biggest tool you have that is “Good Karma.” There is so much more I can write. But I shall let you ponder on all this. If you have to challenge any law, then please let me know. If I don’t’ have the answer. then  there are people who have in-depth knowledge and can help me and you.

This is the law that changed me and taught me to forgive, forget and be compassionate. As I have realised, all the people who I thought were wrong doers were basically just the means. Besides, hate the sin not the sinner. 

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