Is First love Exaggerated?

Remember, the first time your heart did the somersault right and you felt the sky come down. No, I am not talking about first crush; I am talking about the person who makes your heart sing, the person whose one nice message/call/gesture can make you breeze through a tough day, the person whose thought can bring a smile on your face, the person who holds your hand through your challenges and finally, the person who will flash before your eyes in the final moments of your life. I am talking about your first love, where the other person’s happiness means the world to you. And him/her being there makes your world beautiful.

People tend to remember their first love, as they were introduced to many of their emotions for the first time. But, on several occasions I have heard people state that “First love is overstated” or “First love is a fool’s notion”. All I can say is, there must have been or there will be a time, when people experience love in the deepest and purest form. Call it what you want to. This is the love people remember and carry throughout their lives. Some people spend their lives with their first love and some lose them in their journey. Irrespective of this, a person’s first love will always be special and will have a place in their heart.

There are a few true stories, I would like to share with you:

Tara* had regarded her best friend to be her First love through her college and early work life. But it was only when she met Joe that she realised, Joe was her First love in the real sense. 

Sometimes people tend to romanticize or exaggerate their relationship as they are still unaware of their emotions. And sometimes they are in a hurry to taste what love feels like and label the first fleeting emotion as Love.

Ria* was only 18 when she believed she was in love. Her first taste of adulthood and love. It was the classic story of Good girl meets the bad boy, but the bad boy likes a lot of girls. To the others it seemed like puppy love or a major crush. But, she carried him in her heart and became his friend. Years later and many dates later, her love was fulfilled. They were happily married. In her words “He was my first love, but he was immature at 18-19 years to be serious about me. I’d rather have him as a friend, than not have him at all. For 10 crazy years I was his buddy-confidant, who saw him grow and the girls pass by. And I guess it was destiny, that he realised we were perfect together”.

Love is not bound by age, religion, society or anything. It can happen to anyone. We cannot judge them, to be too old or too young to love. There are no rules in love. It’s just a blissful state of existence.

Abhi fell in love with his colleague. They had the most wonderful time together. But circumstances forced them apart. He later, fell in love again and got married. He was happy and had a blissful life. Though there was a part of him which would always love his colleague and the passion, excitement, joy he felt with her could never be felt again.

This seems to be the case with a lot of people. They love and let go, but in their hearts they always carry a torch for their first love or the love that really touched their soul.  And, for me this states that “First love is NOT overemphasized or exaggerated”. Ask people around, majority remember and will gladly tell a stranger, all about their first love.

Don’t’ believe me, think back for yourself and if you still didn’t get the taste of First love, ask the warm stranger next to you in a park, who is not in a hurry! 🙂 🙂

(*The names have been changed)


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  1. lamarrwenrich · May 11, 2015

    Wow – I agree..
    That first love stays with you for always and shapes you..
    Thanks for the words 😊

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