Signature Meditation

“The goal of meditation is to focus and quiet your mind, eventually reaching a higher level of awareness and inner calm. —— Wiki how”

This is why a lot of people meditate. And my reason for learning how to meditate is, to reach my subconscious while taking decisions or facing challenges and of course, to learn to be calm in midst of chaos.

I am relatively, a new student of meditation, who has a long way to go. When someone tells me they can meditate regularly or successfully. I am eager to know more. This curiosity taught me Pranayam, Progressive muscle relaxation and Visualization. But they work the best for me, when someone is guiding me. Otherwise, I am flooded with a hundred thoughts and my mind travels faster to light. If we read more about meditation, we will find numerous techniques. All of them are validated and successful, when practised properly. So how do we know, which is best suited for us?

The trial and error method; we need to try different techniques and see which one is the best suited to us. OR we can tailor make our meditation routine and that s what I like to call :Signature Meditation”

Let me share my ways of meditating:

When I’m stressed, angry or confused, I go for relaxing walks in a serene place where I concentrate on the music I’m listening to or my breathing. This helps me calm my mind, fully or partially. 

I regularly practise chanting. And believe it or not, I get my best ideas/solutions when chanting or after chanting. For me chanting is energizing my body, where I let go of all the negative emotions.

And though it is taking time, I regularly practice the Deep Breathing technique. I focus only on my breath and its movement. Though I end up napping or daydreaming. I am sure that one day I will reach my subconscious through this method. 

Similarly, there are people who use swimming (alone, in silence) to relax their mind or to try reach their subconscious. I remember one of my teachers telling us, it was while knitting she focused her mind on one thought and she got the solutions to a difficult crossword while knitting!! So, sing-dance-breath or do whatever that works for you. Meditation is just the means; Focus-Serenity-A strong subconscious-Awareness-Control is the end.

Thus you need to device the best means that can take you to the end. 🙂

And if you have any new-wacky-tacky or lesser known meditation technique. Please share it with me, as I need some a lot of guidance to reach my inner most thoughts. I need to spread my wings further to fly higher. 🙂


  1. Journey Within · March 5, 2015

    Reblogged this on Journey Within.


  2. Journey Within · March 5, 2015

    Love your meditation blog. I find that yoga helps me. A practice that requires present moment flow and then becomes a meditation and a way to process whatever I am working through.


  3. Lucy · March 10, 2015

    I meditate regularly and I have been doing so for several years. I have trained my mind and accessed my subconscious by using various techniques. I’m happy to converse about the subject, as I am very passionate about what each person can do to fully access and control their most inner and deepest mind.

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  4. mindyourwings · March 11, 2015

    Hello Lucy!!! Wow you’re just 24 and you can control your mind. Everytime I try, my mind wanders.
    and what exactly do you do?


  5. Lucy · March 12, 2015

    Hey, I was going to ramble on about my experience and how I’ve learned to meditate but I thought I would be more helpful and write a post about it for people who are wanting to start somewhere. Read it @
    It’s fairly basic to begin with but that’s the idea. I do more advanced and intense things which include retraining my mind, but that’s taken me years to learn.


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