Intuition: Wishful thinking or reality

I have to share this story, because it changed my perception on Intuition.

I was going on a trip to an educational institution run by the nuns; which I didn’t want to go to nor were my parents,siblings or friends keen about me going there.

The trip had been cancelled a couple of times. But, there was this soft voice that told me “This trip will be a lifetime experience”, “You must go, it will be a nice change”. But logic, reasoning told me “Are you mad? Its going to be tough”, “You are a city girl, what are you going there for?” So basically it was an argument between my conscious vs my subconscious. Guess who won..?

Finally I did go there and it was the best thing that happened to me in 2014.:) How?–Well that’s another story for another day.

So it was that soft voice, that made me change my decision. What was that soft voice? Some people call it intuition, gut feeling or just a hunch. But what exactly is it?

It is your subconscious. Refer to books written on psychology, emotional intelligence or spirituality. They explain that, every person’s subconscious knows their past, present and future. And when it sees us missing a huge opportunity,  walking right into the hands of danger or making a fatal mistake. Its starts sending us signals, like an emergency alarm.

It can be in the form of – that soft voice, dreams, a hoarding which refuses to get out of your thoughts, the advice that keeps you restless or just that nagging feeling Am I making the right choice? It can communicate to you via different senses and sources.

Sometimes we use logic, realistic thinking to reprimand that voice and sometimes we learn to manipulate the message and convince ourselves that we are heading in the right direction. When we practice this repeatedly, we quieten our inner voice. In time, it stops communicating with us and may occasionally make a brief appearance. But the constant neglect has made it apathetic.

On the other hand, some people place a large importance on their intuition. And usually it is right. BUT, BUT we need to beware of Wishful thinking or Projection. People sometimes mistake – projection of their fears-experiences or their wishful thinking for their intuition. This proves to be harmful.

So how do we differentiate between them? It is not easy  if you have got all of them mixed up. But, meditation has helped people over centuries to quieten the inner chaos and control the thought process. It takes some time for meditation to work, but the results are wonderful.

In time, meditation opens the communication network between your conscious and subconscious mind. Once they become acquainted to each other, you will see the difference yourself.

And all this is coming from a person who used to condemn the term intuition.  I have learned the hard way, every time I let logical reasoning win over my persistent intuition; I laid out the red carpet for trouble into my life and of my loved ones too. Sometimes you may have to make a difficult choice too, but in the long run, you will see the wisdom. This is my journey from being a non-believer to a staunch believer in the power of my subconscious.

Try being friends with your subconscious this year!                                                          Stay tuned on mindyourwings for more 🙂


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