Letter from a 21 year old girl to her parents

Dear Mom-Dad

This is my first and a very important letter to the both of you. Lets’ begin with the good things:

Thank you for all your love, care and concern. You both have molded me into a beautiful person, given me all the luxuries, protected me, wiped my tears; Basically, gifted all the beautiful things wrapped  in love and care. 

Mom-Dad in all the years, you have also given me a mind of my own. I have my own views but in our community, there is “No freedom to express them.” Its very ironic, people call me intelligent as long as I smile and I’m polite, but when its my turn to express my views or to take a stand, then people are FLABBERGASTED and call me stupid-stubborn-the not so bright future of  India.

But that’s people, who I hardly care about. Now coming to the not so nice part.

Parents are protective, its natural. But sometimes when every small or big decision of mine is scrutinized and changed for “my good”, I feel my wings are  being chipped. I feel, I’m in a small garden with 4-5 beautiful trees, our own species and a big mesh surrounding our garden. From here I just get to peek at the outside world. It looks flamboyant in spite of the perils. I wish I could  fly high outside this small garden of ours, I do understand there are dangers. But, I want to feel the wind on my face, glide high in the sky, trot from one tree to another, meet all the other birds, and I just want to be ME. 

I know you are scared mom-dad. Its a rough world. But you cannot protect me forever. I am sure, I will make some mistakes. Let me learn from them; Let me fall and I’ll learn to rise up again; Let me meet the not-so-nice people that I can choose my friends wisely; Let me stumble while flying high, it will teach me to be careful. Most of all it will teach me to make decisions carefully and to take responsibility of them while striving through the consequences (good or bad). If you can just be there and try not judging me, it will mean the world for me. Because, it will feel like, you have my back. 😉

Finally, I love you guys so much; that hurting you is just NOT there on my list. Your parenting was excellent and essential all these years. But now I am an adult, #So lets be friends?!! 🙂

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